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AMD Daniel Stone is announcing the avalability of the first AMD/ATI specs - chips RV630 and M56 apparently. The specifications are released without an NDA.
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RE: Patience
by Kochise on Thu 13th Sep 2007 10:11 UTC in reply to "Patience"
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If you're a seller, you want sell your goods. If your goods are not supported by a growing market os exotic operating system, then you'll gonna loose market share. So what're gonna do if you do not plan to focus development teams on these OS ? Then just open the specs, let the coders do, and sell your goods. And sell it even more as the competition have close-sourced politic (Via/S3) either because they don't focus on this market (earn enough with embedding the video chip on a mini-itx MB) or because you're too lazy to figure out. However the consumers will make the choice ! And with the upcoming Compiz integrated by default to major Linux distro, you'd better be ready to have drivers supporting the new desktop, otherwise prepare to be the laughing stock of competitors !

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