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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "My verdict: Even in the relatively slick Ubuntu variation, Linux is still too rough around the edges for the vast majority of computer users", says Mossberg. Among others, he complains about one of the things I did too when I was writing my stream of Ubuntu reviews back in Spring.
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by lucac81 on Thu 13th Sep 2007 10:15 UTC
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While I agree that critics are always accepted, I think that the problems found by Mossberg are minor ones, sign that gnu/linux it's improving.
I found the ipod and camera issues strange, because in ubuntu you don't have to reboot unless you upgrade the kernel package, devices are always configured when you plug them, maybe he misses needed software (gtkpod and gphoto libraries) but installing them doesn't require a reboot, and even in windows you need to download and install iTunes to manage the ipod.

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