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Hardware, Embedded Systems Unicap has an article on the Asus EeePC. "In spring 2007, Asus announced the EeePC, a low cost, small sized mobile computer, which is expected to be available to the public in October 2007. The system is equiped with a 900 Mhz ultra low power Intel CPU, a 7'' LCD monitor, 512 MBytes of RAM and uses flash memory as permanent storage. On the software side, the system comes with a custom version of Xandros Linux preinstalled."
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>>Haiku should boot in 8-10 seconds on this puppy.

>Note that the 26s seconds is the time from power-on: >it include the BIOS initialisation time..
I'm booting 20-30 seconds on a ordenary P4, 1gb ram..
as it's a flash disk this will be faster, perhaps not 8-10 but 15, like the good old days with P3 and BeOS

>That said, it's not clear what the 'first user >interaction' is: is-it a login manager or a desktop >(and if so which desktop)?
Nop that would be to easy ;)

I will probably by one when they are out if it's under 300. ;)

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