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GNU, GPL, Open Source Here is an interview with Richard Stallman about a range of free software topics including GPLv3 and comment on the Microsoft patent issue. Stallman has a go at Linus Torvalds even suggesting that if people want to keep their freedom they better not follow Torvalds. From the interview: "The fact that Torvalds says "open source" instead of "free software" shows where he is coming from. I wrote the GNU GPL to defend freedom for all users of all versions of a program. I developed version 3 to do that job better and protect against new threats. Torvalds says he rejects this goal; that's probably why he doesn't appreciate GPL version 3. I respect his right to express his views, even though I think they are foolish. However, if you don't want to lose your freedom, you had better not follow him."
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RE[2]: GPL is for the people
by __xodam__ on Fri 14th Sep 2007 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE: GPL is for the people"
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ANY ideology based on restricting or outright denying INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS is bad and inherantly anti-freedom despite how pro-freedom its rhetoric may sound. This applies to all anti-individual ideologies including Socialism, Communism (Actually a form of Socialism based on the distruction of the corporation by the state through violent revolution), Fascism (Actually a form of Socialism based on the merger of the state and the corporation to form a Socialist ruling superstate) and Theocratic religionism as practiced by Islamics, some Roman Catholics (particularly the Jesuit Order) and ultra fundamentalist Protestents.

Yeaah, lets summarize, socialism preaches equality between humans.

Imperialism does the opposite.

Me, I'm not a socialist exactly, but I do believe the humans deserve at least economic equality.

You, yes you, how about you, just answer yes or no plus reason, do u support imperialism, do you believe the world's (earth's, may the aliens save the rest from us) resources justifically belong to a minority ? yes or no ?

No further comments.

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