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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Yahoo reports that SCO has filed [.pdf] for bankruptcy in order to protect assets. "The SCO Group today announced that it filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. SCO's subsidiary, SCO Operations, Inc., has also filed a petition for reorganization. The Board of Directors of The SCO Group have unanimously determined that Chapter 11 reorganization is in the best long-term interest of SCO and its subsidiaries, as well as its customers, shareholders, and employees." Groklaw has a story on it, too.
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>I'm aware a BSD-zealot

No just liberal and no hypocrite - that's a big difference.

Exactly *human beings*, we don't know whether PJ is really one (of course this is just an urban legend of SCO ;-) ). But maybe this is BSDish thinking too according to your opinion. Why I prefer the opinions of Lehey for example? Because he actually knows UNIX, BSD and Linux.

> She's way too GPL-happy for your taste.

I'm not 16 anymore and I did follow the Linux 'way of life' for about eleven years since the 90s, then I migrated to BSD. But that's offtopic in this context, but it's nice to have a watchdog at OSNews.

Fight for free speech I see in your data? Nice, it's my credo too, freedom of knowledge for *everyone*. And with a copyleft you're abusing this freedom. Of course you will not learn this in computer science, but history and philosophy. I'm not a BSD zealot, but a 'freedom zealot'. I blame the GPL and RMS in the public for their abuse of real freedom, but I would never oppress other people - that's the difference. Telling people something about dictatorship is your free speech, but actually building some dictatorship is something I would confront.



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