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General Development As a system administrator, you run across numerous challenges and problems. Managing users, disk space, processes, devices, and backups can cause many system administrators to lose their hair, good humor, or sanity. Shell scripts can help, but they often have frustrating limitations. This is where a full-featured scripting language, such as Python, can turn a tedious task into an easy one. Python is a scripting language that looks like it was made for system administrators.
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Situations vary, so use what works best for you. But, some reason to consider Python:

1) Many people consider Python to more readable than Perl, or shell scripts.

2) If you happen to use Redhat, your system is designed to use Python.

3) If you also do web-development, or desktop development, you can learn one language and to do everything, and get really good at that one language.

4) Unlike shell scripts, Python. and Perl, work well cross-platform.

5) Doing everything manually is insane for a large installation. Scripting is vastly more efficient.

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