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Hardware, Embedded Systems The vaunted 'USD 100 laptop' that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers dreamed up for international schoolchildren is becoming a slightly more distant concept. The USD 100 laptop has many innovative features including a pull cord for recharging by hand. Leaders of the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child that was spun out of MIT acknowledged Friday that the devices are now slated to cost USD 188 when mass production begins this fall. The last price the nonprofit announced was USD 176; it described USD 100 as a long-term goal.
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Your forgetting that this is a project to provide education and open information to children who live where books are expensive and do not stand up to the weather very well.

Hm.. a book that cost the school a lot of money, must be leant out if able to leave the building at all and turns to mush in the first rain storm or a notebook the child owns, can carry through rain and sand storms, runs on little power and provides an open window to information.

Yeah.. it's all about getting tech into kids hands huh? Maybe consider the goals of the project rather than the hardware component that supports those goals.

I'd be more polite but I can't stand when someone too free with there opinion bashes a project like this without having any clue what it's really about.

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