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AMD AMD started delivering on their word of providing GPU specifications to the open-source community without a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and now with the 2007 X Developer Summit having come to a close, we asked several key members of the X.Org community on how they judge AMD's recent move. They were also asked if they believe NVIDIA will follow suit in helping the open-source community. Those that responded were David Airlie, Daniel Stone, Jerome Glisse, Stephane Marchesin, and Oliver McFadden. Mark Shuttleworth had also previously commented on AMD's efforts.
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"They so far have written crappy drivers, which is the major reason people use NV."

Hmmm...a sweeping generalization I think!

Being a life long ATI customer (and oh how that pains me to admit), I can say that there Windows drivers and media software are Beta quality at best. I've had nothing but grief with ATI under both Windows and Linux. Each driver update seems to break something different in the media software. Each media software update gets more flaky. And what driver update requires that you uninstall the previous driver, sand your computer back down to the generic VGA then install the new update. ATI's drivers are not an update in either installation process or functionality.

My Radeon All In Wonder 9600 may as well be a door wedge at this point. If the drivers improve by releasing full specs then I'll happily return to buying there products but at this point my new machine is looking like Hauppage and nVidia to cover the same functions with true cross platform support. They have until my bank account says I get to start buying parts.

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