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General Development As a system administrator, you run across numerous challenges and problems. Managing users, disk space, processes, devices, and backups can cause many system administrators to lose their hair, good humor, or sanity. Shell scripts can help, but they often have frustrating limitations. This is where a full-featured scripting language, such as Python, can turn a tedious task into an easy one. Python is a scripting language that looks like it was made for system administrators.
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RE: Wake me when
by marcell on Mon 17th Sep 2007 00:04 UTC in reply to "Wake me when"
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IPython is a multiplatform, Free Software project (BSD licensed) that offers:

* An enhanced Python shell designed for efficient interactive work. It includes many enhancements over the default Python shell, including the ability for controlling interactively all major GUI toolkits in a non-blocking manner.
* A library to build customized interactive environments using Python as the basic language (but with the possibility of having extended or alternate syntaxes).
* A system for interactive distributed and parallel computing (this is part of IPython's new development).

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