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Hardware, Embedded Systems The vaunted 'USD 100 laptop' that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers dreamed up for international schoolchildren is becoming a slightly more distant concept. The USD 100 laptop has many innovative features including a pull cord for recharging by hand. Leaders of the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child that was spun out of MIT acknowledged Friday that the devices are now slated to cost USD 188 when mass production begins this fall. The last price the nonprofit announced was USD 176; it described USD 100 as a long-term goal.
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"How would I recommend the children learn." - Are you!?! You're right, the obvious problem with education today is that not every kid has a laptop. 20 years ago, how did kids learn? Here's a hint: NOT ON LAPTOPS!

So let me be crystal clear with this proposal, these kids can't afford shoes or running water, but they'll be able to plug in their shiny-new rugged laptops into their electrical outlets to charge up, and then connect to their local ISP because their families obviously have the income to afford that? Am I getting this right?

Seriously, though, you can't get the impoverished too smart; they might just figure out how our great nation has been f'ing them for all this time.

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