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Hardware, Embedded Systems The vaunted 'USD 100 laptop' that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers dreamed up for international schoolchildren is becoming a slightly more distant concept. The USD 100 laptop has many innovative features including a pull cord for recharging by hand. Leaders of the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child that was spun out of MIT acknowledged Friday that the devices are now slated to cost USD 188 when mass production begins this fall. The last price the nonprofit announced was USD 176; it described USD 100 as a long-term goal.
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by SamuraiCrow on Mon 17th Sep 2007 22:14 UTC in reply to "EEEpc"
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I've just read that the Asus EEEpc will be released at the end of this month, with a pricetag of $199. That comes second-hand from the Asus customer service phone line.

The EEEpc has many price-saving and energy-saving features that are similar to the OLPC. With only a $10 difference, it now becomes a strong competitor to the OLPC. Plus, if it's ready on schedule, it'll have the large advantage of being a semi-established product by the time the OLPC is actually shipped.

You're assuming it will be used in areas where electricity is available and so on. The OLPC is designed for even more backward places than what Asus laptops will be used in.

It may be something to be moved up to when civilization catches up to the third world, however. Not to mention that businesses will need computers to do bookkeeping on after the kids graduate and become professionals.

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