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Qt Trolltech announced that Qtopia Phone Edition has been ported to the Neo1973 mobile phone from FIC and open-source software provider OpenMoko and has been GPL'ed. Now, in addition to Trolltech's Qtopia GreenphoneT, developers have an additional reference platform and form factor for development and testing of new mobile Qtopia applications. Read on for more and a short Q&A with Benoit Schillings, CTO of Trolltech (also of BeOS fame as one of the original Be, Inc. engineers).
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by pgquiles on Tue 18th Sep 2007 07:06 UTC
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The stock OpenMoko software which ships with the Neo1973 is very incomplete and pretty much useless, so you cannot use the Neo1973 as a day-to-day phone with that software according to

Now that we have Qtopia on the Neo1973, does that mean the Neo1973 is a useful phone and I can use it in the real world?

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