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Legal Microsoft suffered a stunning defeat on Monday when a European Union court backed a European Commission ruling that the US software giant illegally abused its market power to crush competitors. The European Union's second-highest court dismissed the company's appeal on all substantive points of the 2004 antitrustruling. The court said Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, was unjustified in tying new applications to its Windows operating system in a way that harmed consumer choice. The verdict, which may be appealed only on points of law and not of fact, could force Microsoft to change its business practices.
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RE[5]: APIs
by SReilly on Tue 18th Sep 2007 11:59 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: APIs"
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I don't know if it's on purpose or not but it seems to me that you are taking what one EU anti trust commissioner says, quoting it out of context, putting your own spin on it and equating that with the rest of the EU. You also seem to be ignoring how MS attained 95% market share in the first place.

This case is not about 'Big Government' versus capitalism, it's about punishing a known abuser of illegally obtained market muscle, something that has everything to do with consumer choice.

I have several developer friends that develop for Windows exclusively and even they agree that, due to MS's illegal use of it's near monopoly position, the IT industry has lost ten years of innovation. Ten years! If that's not worth a slap down then I don't know what is.

I would be more inclined to agree with your analysis of the situation if this where an isolated ruling, but it really isn't. MS bought they're way out of having to deal with major concessions in the US, remember? To defend a company that is this guilty, for no reason but that you seem to like them, is completely absurd.

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