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Linux "It's over. The magic is gone. The dream is dead. The egg has fallen off the wall and no amount of 'sudo' super glue can put his pieces back together again. I'm referring, of course, to the not-so-recent departure of Con Kolivas from the Linux kernel development community. Con - that champion of all things desktop centric - hung-up his keyboard this summer, the victim of an ideological rift within the Linux community." Update: And the first rebuttal appeared.
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Kernels don't matter that much to users
by saterdaies on Tue 18th Sep 2007 20:26 UTC
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To be frank, kernels matter to the desktop about as much as the brand of gas matters to your car. What Linux needs are more user-related things - and it has come a long way in this department. Today, most things can be graphically configures, it has many great apps, and the desktop environments work well. However, there are still gaps here.

The kernel is the least of desktop Linux's problems. Sure, it might be important to get MP3s to play with a little better - they can skip on Linux due to scheduling - and some other kernel level things that do impact desktop performance, but it's the interface and not the performance that is keeping more people away. It should be on the kernel team's radar to make improvements, but this isn't what is keeping desktop Linux from hitting prime time.

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