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Windows "Before I launch into my tirade, I need to make a confession. I like Vista. I use it daily, but I also use it with the full knowledge that it's a pre-service pack 1 OS from the boys in Redmond. That necessarily means it will have glitches, bugs, and annoyances. That's a given. I'm willing to put up with all those headaches. But there were several things I was really looking forward to in Vista that are simply missing in action or broken. These are features I'd really hope would improve my productivity and make life a little easier."
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by JulianFietkau on Wed 19th Sep 2007 08:11 UTC in reply to "RE: re"
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On Windows XP, (at least for me) driver switching on the fly still works. After installing the NVIDIA driver for example, I just opt not to reboot. The driver is then active. Is this different on Vista?

This reboot after installation thing is more like a general measure. Software vendors do this because after something was installed, there may be not yet properly registered DLLs, or old stuff in RAM. Or not. Either way, better safe than sorry - and there you have your "recommended", sometimes even "necessary" reboot.

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