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Windows "Before I launch into my tirade, I need to make a confession. I like Vista. I use it daily, but I also use it with the full knowledge that it's a pre-service pack 1 OS from the boys in Redmond. That necessarily means it will have glitches, bugs, and annoyances. That's a given. I'm willing to put up with all those headaches. But there were several things I was really looking forward to in Vista that are simply missing in action or broken. These are features I'd really hope would improve my productivity and make life a little easier."
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I went the other way, I've been wishing a long while that I could get rid of the stupid letter named mount points and use a proper (by my preferences) folder tree starting from root / and branching out from there.

Being able to natively mount everything to a folder off the system root makes all sorts of things happy for me. An example from the *nix side is my video player app. It doesn't like to use KDE's samba client to pull files off my NAS. Instead, I mounted my NAS (also through a samba client) to /media/NAS so any application can make use of it regardless of supporing windows shares or not.

I can also set /media/NAS as a read only mount so my media player doesn't eat my music archive by accident; that's really a tangent benifit though.

Being a life long Windows user, I was put off initially by the /root/subfolders way of managing directories but once you get used it it you find all kinds of benefits.

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