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IBM IBM plans to mount its most ambitious challenge in years to Microsoft's dominance of personal computer software, by offering free programs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Steven A. Mills, senior vice president of IBM's software group, said the programs promote an open-source document format. The company is announcing the desktop software, called IBM Lotus Symphony, at an event today in New York. The programs will be available as free downloads from the IBM Web site.
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by lfeagan on Wed 19th Sep 2007 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wow"
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I am hoping to respond and chastise you nicely so that other's won't jump on you like a pack of hyenas. Read the other OSNews articles/links on MS's methods of operation with regards to ISO and read about some of the technology used with (Un)OpenXML and evaluate whether it is legitimately worthy of being considered an open standard. If you can't decide if it is or not, then please get head checked as soon as possible. ;-) Just because the name includes the word "open", as described by the company itself no less, means nothing. If my name included the word "God", would that therefore mean that unquestionably I must in fact be the God?

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