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Amiga & AROS At OSNews, we have kept you updated about the Amiga hardware announced by ACK controls. Supposedly ready for shipping in May, we are now in the second half of September, and still no hardware. Interestingly, nor ACK Controls, nor Amiga, Inc., will be present at the upcoming Amiga show Pianeta Amiga - leading to the inevitable conclusion that like so many other announcements in the Amiga world, this one was yet another big puff of air. All hope is not lost, though: ACube Systems has announced the SAM440ep, a PowerPC board, of which industrial versions are already available (according to ACube). The consumer version is supposedly ready to ship starting 22nd September 2007, and interestingly, Hyperion will be present at the ACube booth at Pianeta Amiga. Finally, new Amiga hardware? Seeing is believing, many will say.
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RE[3]: Change platform, dummy!
by __xodam__ on Wed 19th Sep 2007 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Change platform, dummy!"
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Sigh... Amigans and their dreams.

What do you want ?

If you dig into the usenet, you can read similar plans for "world domination" by Amigans in denial. First it was a port to the 80860. Then the 88K, then the Alpha. I have even read mixed Mips/80860 platforms. Then the PPC, etc. etc. etc.


All with the common denominator of how awesome the OS is. And it is just sad... let it go.

Think about it, why do you _think_ ppl dont want to let it go if your precious Wendy, Lenny, or Mikey are so fantastic ?

This is the trick, you could port all that crap to the CELL, spend years and money to do so. Or... here is a concept buy a cheap-o PC,...

Here's a concep, read my below comment.

install your favorite FOSS and be done with it in like 1/2 hour.

What favourite FOSS ? o_O
You dont happen to hint something with an "x" in it do you ? "favourite", pleeaaase... you funny fellow you :-)

Please for the love of god Amigans, time to let it go. The late 80s are long gone...

So are the 60s, even _MORE_ gone, imagine that..

join the XXI century, your life and your loved ones will thank you for it.

Naaah, some did actually thank me after I saved them from extensive brain- and eye damage after they happened (my mistake) to browse through a Linux Live CD filesystem, trust me they seemed like they'd spotted a ghost, imagine that too.

My pleasure!

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