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Linux "It's over. The magic is gone. The dream is dead. The egg has fallen off the wall and no amount of 'sudo' super glue can put his pieces back together again. I'm referring, of course, to the not-so-recent departure of Con Kolivas from the Linux kernel development community. Con - that champion of all things desktop centric - hung-up his keyboard this summer, the victim of an ideological rift within the Linux community." Update: And the first rebuttal appeared.
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by ccchips on Thu 20th Sep 2007 21:43 UTC
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I'm tired of the desktop anyway. I have to stare at a "desktop" all day!

Maybe we need a new metaphor. How about...

a den? A study? Basement? Something people can play on. You ain't supposed to play on a desktop.

Oh by the way - sticking a fork in something usually means it's ready to eat. When are people going to stop using that stupid saying?

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