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SuSE, openSUSE The openSUSE development team has announced that openSUSE 10.3 Release Candidate 1 is available for testing. "After quite a few rebuilds and testing, the openSUSE team is happy to announce that RC1 looks brilliant and is now available for download. We consider this release to be feature complete, stable, and suitable for testing from any user. For more information on the release schedule, take a look at the Roadmap."
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SUSE's installer (YAST?)
by rx182 on Fri 21st Sep 2007 02:50 UTC
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I'm currently installing this beast. Tho I can't comment on the installed system yet, I can confirm that the installer didn't improve at all.

These guys seriously need to take a look at Fedora/Redhat's Anaconda and at Ubuntu's installer. Honestly, I think Slackware has a better installer than OpenSUSE/SUSE. I doubt they could have done worst...

1- It doesn't seem to cache settings at all. When you move from a section to another (like going back), it always stalls for a few seconds. Really annoying.
2- It's way too complicated for what it does.
3- If you make a mistake when doing post-installation configuration, you're screwed. It's really hard to go back and fix something. You end up with a half-configured system. You need to reinstall the whole thing.
4- It's buggy. For example, I download the KDE install CD and the non-free AddOn CD. Somewhere in the installer, it asked me to put the AddOn CD in (prior installation) . Of course, when it was ready to copy the files on my hardrive (the installation procedure), it asked me for the nstall CD. Well not really, it asked me for "CD1". So I put the install CD in. Unfortunately, it kept asking me for "CD1". Oh my god...

I could continue but I think you get the idea....

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