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Fedora Core "For a while now, Clearlooks has been the default theme in Fedora; in fact, for a long time, Clearlooks has been the default theme in a number of distros thanks to its place as Gnome's default. Aiming to give Fedora its own distinct and modern appearance is Nodoka: based on its own theme engine it's extremely fast, and when seen in combination with the rest of the artwork for Fedora 8 is beautiful. Read on for an interview with Martin Sourada and some screenshots of the theme."
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theme poll
by JohnMG on Sat 22nd Sep 2007 03:15 UTC
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Meh. I just like a tight theme that gets out of the way so I can work: Mist. Too bright & glitzy == too distracting.

Maybe a "which Gnome theme do you use" poll would be of interest here.

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