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Fedora Core "For a while now, Clearlooks has been the default theme in Fedora; in fact, for a long time, Clearlooks has been the default theme in a number of distros thanks to its place as Gnome's default. Aiming to give Fedora its own distinct and modern appearance is Nodoka: based on its own theme engine it's extremely fast, and when seen in combination with the rest of the artwork for Fedora 8 is beautiful. Read on for an interview with Martin Sourada and some screenshots of the theme."
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by shahid on Sat 22nd Sep 2007 06:22 UTC
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It quite saddening to sit in on a forum on themes and not hear a mention for Sun's efforts for their programming language, Java. As these themes - Metal and its update Ocean - are the clearist examples of how things should be done with widgets detailed to be descriptive of their function and colour palettes selected to be as unobtrusive as possible.
This in all a complete contrast to the efforts of the gentleman above with remits of beauty judged from a wholly personal perspective.

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