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OpenStep, GNUstep Objective Modula-2 (or ObjM2) is an extension to Modula-2 which follows the Objective-C object model and retains the bracketed Smalltalk message passing syntax introduced in Objective-C. Like Objective-C, Objective Modula-2 is a reflective, object oriented programming language with both static and dynamic typing. It is intended as a safer alternative to Objective-C for Cocoa and GNUstep software development.
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give me a taco
by Anonymous on Sun 4th Sep 2005 18:46 UTC
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This is old news on tacojuice (august 20) and itís not fully developed or even specified yet. So donít hold your breath just now. The Idea of the developer(s) appears to be to give all the old Mac Pascal programmers a language they can be happy with.

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