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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Ian Murdock took the stage in one of the small rooms at the Moscone Center West to talk about the OpenSolaris Binary Distribution that is currently known as Project Indiana. We captured all of the slides Ian had shown, and while most of the information he shared was just reiterated from his past talks, there was some interesting details worth sharing. Among the advantages of Project Indiana is that it will use Sun's ZFS as the default file-system, and Project Indiana will be taking full advantage of its abilities to create snapshots and perform rollbacks if something with the system's software goes wrong. With Sun's past work with the GNOME project, GNOME will be the desktop environment in Project Indiana said Ian Murdock.
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RE: Gnome again
by Lennie on Sun 23rd Sep 2007 12:09 UTC in reply to "Gnome again"
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If I'm not mistaken, Sun already runs Gnome on quiet a few (customer) desktops.

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