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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Just like Eugenia yesterday, I also upgraded my laptop's Ubuntu Feisty installation to Gutsy a few days ago. The upgrade process went completely awry, though, so I was forced to do a fresh install. Not a bad thing, as it gave me the opportunity to take a look at Ubuntu's soon-to-be-released Gutsy Gibbon with GNOME 2.20
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RE[3]: Fresh install == good?!
by porcel on Sun 23rd Sep 2007 22:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Fresh install == good?!"
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I agree. I actually think it's a bug not to default to having /home in its own partition. I even filed such a bug report with Ubuntu a while back.

I am not blaming the average user for this as, by definition, they don't have the time or interest to understand partitioning schemes. It is the job of the distributor to inform and educate the user, which can be done with a simple tooltip in the partitioning tool.

Mandrake since time immemorial has put /home in its own partition, which made my initial tribulations with Linux much easier as I had the certainty and assurance of keeping my data safe and being able to reinstall at will.

So, I am not disagreeing with you. I think we, more technically inclined users, owe to our friends and family to help them understand some of these issues, such as partitioning. Eventually, though, I hope to see all desktop distributions default to a separate /home partition.

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