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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Just like Eugenia yesterday, I also upgraded my laptop's Ubuntu Feisty installation to Gutsy a few days ago. The upgrade process went completely awry, though, so I was forced to do a fresh install. Not a bad thing, as it gave me the opportunity to take a look at Ubuntu's soon-to-be-released Gutsy Gibbon with GNOME 2.20
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The new things in I mentioned ARE NEW TO GNOME/UBUNTU. When I'm (p)reviewing a product, should I say, at every new feature: "the following products already include this feature", followed by a list?

That's not an acceptable excuse Thom and you know that. We're not talking about hundreds of window managers or different distros here, but about the TWO biggest desktop environments available out there for *nix desktops. Praise GNOME for features that have been available on its biggest competitor for years and not even mentioning it?!?!? You call this non-biased journalism??? Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot!

I really don't see what is so hard in saying something like "Ubuntu got feature A which is a good thing although this same feature has been present in KDE-based distros for quite sometime" or something along these lines.

Not that I particularly missed anything as I am pretty aware of these features and have been enjoying them for years and Ubuntu reviews on this website is like preaching to the choir anyway, but you guys could at least pretend that you're doing a fair and balanced review...

I'm sorry, but simply DETEST mixing KDE and GNOME applications. I have my reasons for that, but even if I didn't - it's my choice, and that's enough reason alone.

I would say "Your loss, pal!" here. I don't like to mix toolkits as well but I wouldn't settle down with an inferior application just because the better one happens to be coded with the "other toolkit". I mean seriously... Why use any GTK-based music player instead of Amarok, which is hands down the best music player currently available? Why use a Qt vector drawing application when currently there is nothing that beats Inkscape? That reasoning is beyond me...

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