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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Just like Eugenia yesterday, I also upgraded my laptop's Ubuntu Feisty installation to Gutsy a few days ago. The upgrade process went completely awry, though, so I was forced to do a fresh install. Not a bad thing, as it gave me the opportunity to take a look at Ubuntu's soon-to-be-released Gutsy Gibbon with GNOME 2.20
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RE: CPU Frequency
by mjg59 on Mon 24th Sep 2007 00:31 UTC in reply to "CPU Frequency"
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CPU frequency scaling is handled by default. We don't support manual overriding out of the box because:

a) it's difficult to do in a way that doesn't allow denial of service, and
b) the kernel generally knows better than you, especially now that the ondemand governor is well tuned.

The only machines where it won't work automatically are Celerons (which don't support voltage scaling, so there's little point in frequency scaling) and some older Pentium 4s (which have similar issues, with the addition of extra latency to make the experience even worse). If you're having problems with another chip, please do file a bug.

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