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OpenStep, GNUstep Objective Modula-2 (or ObjM2) is an extension to Modula-2 which follows the Objective-C object model and retains the bracketed Smalltalk message passing syntax introduced in Objective-C. Like Objective-C, Objective Modula-2 is a reflective, object oriented programming language with both static and dynamic typing. It is intended as a safer alternative to Objective-C for Cocoa and GNUstep software development.
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by japail on Sun 4th Sep 2005 21:05 UTC in reply to "Message me this"
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My point is mostly that Objective-C just has named (labeled, keyword, ...) parameters, and not really Smalltalk-style messaging syntax. The selectors in both use semicolons, and from there things stray.

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