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Windows Just weeks after releasing Windows Vista Beta 1, Microsoft has shifted our paradigms again, unveiling a preview of beta 2 at the TechEd 2005 developer conference. Also, "hardware vendors are going to love the news that Windows Vista is going to need very beefy hardware to run well. At Microsoft's TechEd conference, Dan Warne finally managed to squeeze blood from a stone - or rather, answers about Longhorn's hardware requirements from Microsoft."
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RE[2]: Don't upgrade!
by Tron on Sun 4th Sep 2005 21:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Don't upgrade!"
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My sound card came with instructions on how to cut the wires to the speaker and solder them to the sound card for volume control (roughly 4 years ago). I could just imagine some unknowning consumer buying the card and thinking a computer upgrade required a soldering iron...

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