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Legal Monsoon Multimedia, which was subjected to the first US lawsuit on non-compliance with the GPL, has published a press release in which they agree to make any modifications public and thereby complying to the requirements stipulated in the GPL license. "Monsoon Multimedia today announced efforts to fully comply with the GPL. Monsoon is in settlement negotiations with BusyBox to resolve the matter and intends to fully comply with all open-source software license requirements. Monsoon will make modified BusyBox source code publicly available on the company web-site in the coming weeks."
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They're using the same sort of relatively benign phrasing that most newscasts in the US use to refer to terrorists blowing themselves up with bombs in a crowd of people to murder them, calling them "suicide bombers" instead of what would more correctly signal their intent, "homicide bombers" because after all, the primary mission doesn't seem to be that of committing suicide, but that of killing infidels.

Uhm, do you see these horrible terrorists try to bomb Rio ? I mean, they are "infidels" are they not ? U _sure_ it's not US foreign politics ? hm, wonder..

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