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Legal Monsoon Multimedia, which was subjected to the first US lawsuit on non-compliance with the GPL, has published a press release in which they agree to make any modifications public and thereby complying to the requirements stipulated in the GPL license. "Monsoon Multimedia today announced efforts to fully comply with the GPL. Monsoon is in settlement negotiations with BusyBox to resolve the matter and intends to fully comply with all open-source software license requirements. Monsoon will make modified BusyBox source code publicly available on the company web-site in the coming weeks."
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by __xodam__ on Tue 25th Sep 2007 08:55 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: "ANY THIRD PARTY""
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First of all I want to thank my lovely rightwinger loonatic fanclub, nnd the misfunctioning police of this site for arming these loonatics ;)

Of course everybody has the right to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands. It's actually a right in all democracies.

I dont think you realize what you just wrote.
Anyway creating an alternative scenery without the far-reaching consequences of your democracy of choice, assume this democracy of your choice exists, now, I would be able to rob ppl, destroy their property, burn their houses etc etc. The police would know about it, but neither stop me nor revealing who's doing it.
This is exactly how osnews works, seems there's need for another OS news community as this reminds and functions not very different from youtube.

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