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Windows Critics who blasted Microsoft three months ago for failing to deliver Windows Vista add-ons have again called the company on the carpet, this time for missing its self-imposed deadline to provide promised extras. In late June, bloggers and users were already panning Vista Ultimate Extras as a bust. Extras, available only to customers running the top-end Vista edition, was one of the features cited by Microsoft to distinguish the USD 399 operating system from its USD 239 cousin, Home Premium. Microsoft's online marketing, for instance, touted Extras as 'cutting-edge programs, innovative services, and unique publications' that would be regularly offered to Ultimate users.
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Ultimate cd's
by MNKyDeth on Tue 25th Sep 2007 13:25 UTC
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Doesn't the Ultimate dvd's MS sells have both the 32x and x86_64 version of vista on them?
If so, I am pretty sure this is what they meant by "unique publications".

I also assume "innovative services" means the windows update service. As MS puts more checking software in it than anyone and how they make sure it gets on your machine does get more inovative.

Oh and the "cutting-edge programs" has just got to be the updated cmd front-end wich will now let you use tab completion. lol

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