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Windows Critics who blasted Microsoft three months ago for failing to deliver Windows Vista add-ons have again called the company on the carpet, this time for missing its self-imposed deadline to provide promised extras. In late June, bloggers and users were already panning Vista Ultimate Extras as a bust. Extras, available only to customers running the top-end Vista edition, was one of the features cited by Microsoft to distinguish the USD 399 operating system from its USD 239 cousin, Home Premium. Microsoft's online marketing, for instance, touted Extras as 'cutting-edge programs, innovative services, and unique publications' that would be regularly offered to Ultimate users.
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'Ultimate' is more than just 'Extras'
by jrronimo on Tue 25th Sep 2007 15:54 UTC
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Vista Ultimate has a lot more to it than the paltry Ultimate Extras. Among other things, it has all of the features of the other versions (which, arguably, shouldn't exist, but they do so we'll go from there): Yes, what I am about to say are 'rare' situations, but Ultimate was targeted towards Enthusiasts, after all, which are supposed to be the high end of the Bell Curve amongst users.

Ultimate is the only copy of Windows Vista that you can both join to a domain and still use Media Center. Or BitLocker.

Ultimate gives you access to the features of Business and Home Premium in one package: I like having the 'Administrator' account enabled, which is something you can't do in Home Premium. I like having access to advanced sharing features and security options.

Okay, so maybe these aren't the greatest lists of reasons to buy Vista Ultimate (and certainly don't /sound/ like $130 in extra features), but it seems to me that Ultimate has more going for it than a lack of Extras.

That being said, insofar as the extras that /have/ been released are concerned, Texas Hold 'Em is a waste, but DreamScene I really quite like.

Here's a thought for an Ultimate Extra: Live Gold. If you, Microsoft (for that one MSFTie reading), want to really position Vista Ultimate as the Gamer's OS (a statement of constant ridicule amongst my friends), allow Vista Ultimate users the service of Live -- don't make them pay to play Halo 2 or Shadowrun online; just let them have it. It's worth it to the 'few' users who buy Ultimate (since Live is what, $60/yr?) *IF* enough games they want that feature Live come out.

That'd be a nice extra service.

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