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Mac OS X Just weeks ahead of its public launch, Apple has updated the minimum system requirements for its next-generation Leopard operating system to exclude 800MHz PowerPC-based Macs, AppleInsider has learned. Apple has yet to officially announce the hardware requirements to run Leopard, due out in October, but had long stated in developer documentation that the software would require "an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 (800MHz or faster) or G5 processor." According to people familiar with the matter, engineers for the company recently determined that Leopard installs on 800MHz PowerPC G4 systems ran "too slow". Support for those systems was subsequently pulled from the most recent pre-release copies of Leopard, which inform testers that the software "cannot be installed" on those computers. My take: Assuming this turns out to be true, there are going to be a lot of unhappy G4 owners - including yours truly.
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Cellphones usually have either a special chip for video processing or a special ARM CPU (e.g. iPhone uses one from Samsung) that is optimized for such tasks.

Processing MEPG4 movie is a very complex and CPU hungry task, a 400 MHz general purpose CPU may have troubles even with smaller resolutions.

Additionally, the powerpc port is probably buggy and unmaintained.

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