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Apple The internet is abuzz with the news that Apple intends to break iPhones containing third party applications. Unlocked phones are also likely to be victims of the next software update. While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1. If you're running the Installer application, you may want to hold off on any iPhone firmware updates.
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RE: oh this is just insane
by Minty Fresh on Tue 25th Sep 2007 21:19 UTC in reply to "oh this is just insane"
Minty Fresh
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Don't be a sheep, don't think that a silly license can dictate everything. Otherwise, I hereby revoke your license to post here. By reading this post, you agree to my terms.

Actually, the boycott proposed here is not because of unlocking, but rather, because of the third party apps that extend the iphone.

Also, the problem is not about the license, but rather, the fact that the EULA prohibits this is the first place.

You should really read the article before posting.

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