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Multimedia, AV sent us in the JVC GR-D347US camcorder for a review. Read on for more and check some test footage for this cheap digital camcorder, possibly the cheapest miniDV model in the market today.
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by _df_ on Wed 26th Sep 2007 01:46 UTC
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i know all about avchd, we have a professional videographer / editor / photographer in the family (not me!).

minidv is cheap and will be around for quite a while more. SD camcorders are not yet set to take over the consumer market.

I agree in 2-3 years AVCHD will be kicking butt, but there is little point in going to that right now.

hdd camcorders eat _way_ too much juice, but they trade it for space.

it still surprises me that mini dvd/cd recorders are still on the market as they are just horrid.

SD material is going to be king for a loooong time.

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