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Apple The internet is abuzz with the news that Apple intends to break iPhones containing third party applications. Unlocked phones are also likely to be victims of the next software update. While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1. If you're running the Installer application, you may want to hold off on any iPhone firmware updates.
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Linux Geeks don't like Apple
by powderblue on Wed 26th Sep 2007 02:22 UTC
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If you don't like Apple fine but don't go around calling people who appreciate ease of use and intuitive user-interfaces sheep. Some people don't care about having 50 different features in a phone when those features are a pain in the ass to use anyway. I'm pretty sure I could hand my mom an iPhone and she would be able to use every feature it has. Now if I were to hand my mom just about any other phone you can only imagine what would happen if she tried to do anything other then dial a number. So why don't you stop being uber-geeks for a moment and realize the iPhone might be good for some people. Not for you but most people aren't geeks like you or I either.

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