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Apple The internet is abuzz with the news that Apple intends to break iPhones containing third party applications. Unlocked phones are also likely to be victims of the next software update. While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1. If you're running the Installer application, you may want to hold off on any iPhone firmware updates.
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Yes, the lock down of the iPhone sucks.

However, if you take it upon yourself to change the software install of your device (in this case, the iPhone) and you have NO way of reinstalling the original software from scratch, then you can not claim you are innocent if a future software upgrade based on the ORIGINAL software does not work.

In fact, Apple did not need to even warn about this - consider it a service that they DID warn people with hacked iPhones about this. Most companies that produce phones or other hardware (routers comes to mind) do not warn about this, neither do they have to.

Think of all the routers out there with linux firmwares on. If you brick one of these by installing an incorrect firmware you are on your own. You just lost your router, unless you can figure out how to fix it on your own *OR* pay the company that sold you the router to do it.

Its the exact same thing with the iPhone. If you mess around with it and brick it, tough luck. You might be lucky that you can fix it yourself or pay someone (Apple) to fix it for you if this happens, but if that is not the case, *YOU* just bricked your iPhone and that's only your *OWN* fault, not Apple's.

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