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Apple The internet is abuzz with the news that Apple intends to break iPhones containing third party applications. Unlocked phones are also likely to be victims of the next software update. While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1. If you're running the Installer application, you may want to hold off on any iPhone firmware updates.
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iPhone - Lock or Unlock
by wizzard on Wed 26th Sep 2007 16:10 UTC
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I am located in Canada and would really like an iPhone, however, it is not available. I have alternatives of getting an activation in the US with a US iPhone or in the UK with a O2 iphone. Until the iPhone comes to Canada, it is simple as that.
Apple released the iphone with all conditions known; they did not hide anything.
Now we have hackers opening it up which in most countries for personal use might be just fine.
Hacking a device voids the warranty and this too is explained in Apples information. You know you do know the implications of hacking it.
It seems really incredible, foolhardy, and pig headed for all these comments about boycotting Apple about this. This released a device based on their marketing plan. While the folks that may not be able to get the device may be disappointed but you can not blame Apple - this is a company discussion based on what ever rational. It may not make sense to most but it is their company, their device, etc, etc.
All the complaints from folks makes it seem like it is your personal property and that Apple is violating some personal agreement with you. How untrue and silly of all of us to think that it is our creation.
Apple, at the product creator and owner, has a right to update their product how they see fit and in what matter they see fit. If you don't like the product, the warranty, the support, etc please do not buy the product. If sales are done, maybe they might listen and make changes or make it available to you in your own country.
BUT - please stop complaining like it is your creation and the Apple has to bow to you. All pertainent information has been provided. Apple is not hiding anything. It has always been understood that if you hack there are risks. You hack and accept based on those risks.
So please stop whining and calling for boycotts as this is silly, stupid, and shortsighted. It is not your device, you did not create it, so shut up. Don't buy it if you are unhappy. You have ever right to be disappointed (like me) that it may not be available in your country but again you can not blame Apple.
Maybe you should focus your outrage to other issues that plague the world (like hunger, war, poverty, etc, etc) instead of trying to justify to the world via stupid actions that each of you personal own the Apple design and that it is in your power to control what Apple does with their device. So stupid that you have allowed your pent up greed and averous nature to cloud your judgment.

1. It is Apples device.
2. Don't buy it if you don't like it or the policy under how it is released. Maybe by lack of sales will convince Apple to listen. But by the sales, it seems that you are like lemmings, you fall head first, then you whine about it after. Being on the bleeding edge is always like this BUT you placed yourself there - not Apple. Sell your Apple stock if you must but then you are probably making too much on it.
3. If you hack it, don't complain to Apple when they update it for added benefit to the folks that actually like it or to remove hacks which is their right. Hacks do not have guarantee - if they did Apple would provide it.
4. Write emails to Apple asking to release it in your country and be patient.
5. Ask yourself the question - who gave you any rights over this - none certainly by buying the iphone. Read the fine print.
6. Grow up and maybe concentrate on solving real world issues.

I will remain patient, sending emails and waiting for the iphone to come to Canada.

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