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Windows According to at least one blogger, Microsoft should abandon Vista before it's too late. It would appear he's not alone in this opinion, as Microsoft has begun allowing users to downgrade back to XP. Amongst the reasons? Poor sales figures and shoddy Vista "Extras".
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RE[2]: Ditch Vista?
by SReilly on Thu 27th Sep 2007 16:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Ditch Vista?"
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Al three are very good points, I just have one issue with your post. MS is the richest corporation on the planet. N configurations are not an excuse to turn your customers into paying beta testers when you can easily afford 10N systems.

Personally, I find that Vista has gotten much better over the past year with many HW and SW developers working hard on releasing updates and new products to fully utilize everything that Vista has to offer. It just seems crazy that I had to install two unsupported patches to get the underlying OS to actually start behaving itself in a consistent manner.

I, and many others, have had to deal with MS updates breaking Vista to such a point where a complete system restore has been the only option to get Vista up and running again. These are updates that break because of other, mainly driver, updates released by MS over they're Windows Update service. If MS, with all the money they have, cannot even test the compatibility of they're updates vis a vis each other, then what In the name of the creator are they doing with the money they get from the exorbitant prices people are paying for Vista?

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