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Windows According to at least one blogger, Microsoft should abandon Vista before it's too late. It would appear he's not alone in this opinion, as Microsoft has begun allowing users to downgrade back to XP. Amongst the reasons? Poor sales figures and shoddy Vista "Extras".
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RE[2]: Who is Don Reisinger
by PlatformAgnostic on Thu 27th Sep 2007 17:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Who is Don Reisinger"
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I agree with you wholeheartedly on the "sugar with the medicine" point. I feel that with the display technologies they did not build quite the right thing. Instead of WPF, which relies on .NET, they should have built something that could be used from C++ to do vector graphics and animations. Then they could have released some really cool and snazzy resolution-independent technology incrementally with the OS release. This would have been a sugar-coated peach: there would be some substance behind it.

The real guts of WPF are in milcore.dll, so hopefully that will be leveraged in the next release to produce something nice and useable by people who want small footprint or legacy compatibility.

Maybe the presentation of Volume ShadowCopy can be improved too so that the feature gains some relevance for the average user. There are lots of things that could have been done to make Vista a more relevant OS for Joe Blow, but I think it's an important release for the industry and until the ecosystem around it stabilizes, it's a bit of a bitter pill. Maybe a "soft launch" would have been right as someone suggested.

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