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Graphics, User Interfaces "David Lanham is one of the most popular Mac designers today, best known for his icons and illustrations on his website, his two themes Amora and Somatic, and the designs for sites My Dream App and MacThemes 2.0 (along with Renato Valdes Olmos). He currently works at the Iconfactory, creating freeware icons as well as commercial designs for clients like Canonical, Microsoft (Vista, XP, XBox 360), MacPractice, and Sybase. Austin Heller and Sam Gwilym of MacThemes sat down with David to get a closer look at his life as a designer, his thoughts on desktops, and his opinions on Aqua and other themes." My take: David Lanham is one of my favourite artists - ever. His work is amazing, and almost instantly recognisable. It is definitely recommended to take a peek at his portfolio.
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Too many links
by ElectricDevil on Thu 27th Sep 2007 17:37 UTC
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Please, try keeping the number of links down and only use the most relevant ones. I can only talk for my self, but I want to read the interview without too much effort sorting it out of 5+ links.

The interested reader finds his own way to the other info.

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