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BeOS & Derivatives In this video (.torrent, Quicktime) "you will see great attempts at crashing the Haiku app_server, some commentary on the robustness of the code, and a staggering amount of threads for Java running on BeOS R5." Here is more about the video.
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The Linux blahabiti blahabata
by Haicube on Mon 5th Sep 2005 06:52 UTC
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For me Linux is not a choice at all period on any of my computers.

I disagree with the philosophy, the development model and a lot more.

Why oh why is it that every time something pops up about something else which is not Linux, some stupid Linux/RMS fan jumps along and says "Hey, what about Linux"...

I'm quite confident, ALL (or say 99%) of us who are interested in alternative OSes has heard of Linux. A big majority of us has tried it, and some of us has put it on the shelf and don't really care about it.

So for this and next Haiku thread, can it please be about Haiku as that is our interest, and if we wanna read about Linux future, belive me, we will find those articles and evangelists typing like madmen. For a long time these came about 1 or 2 every day on OSNews.

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