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Novell and Ximian "Two months ago, the Brazilian Linux community gathered around BR-Linux invited Novell to answer 10 questions sent and selected by the users, about the company's stance on Linux, open source, licenses, document formats and other subjects." "Novell has been very consistent on this issue and we have publicly stated that we do not believe that Linux infringes on any Microsoft patents. That being said, our agreement with Microsoft takes the patent issue off the table for customers. We have simply made the patent issue a non-event as part of a customer buying decision."
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RE[5]: patents
by segedunum on Thu 27th Sep 2007 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: patents"
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Their stocks are up (and have been for a long time now)

Their stocks are up, they have a temporary cash boost, they've made the rate of slide in their revenues smaller (but Netware usage is still declining) - but they've had to get into bed with their biggest competitor to do it - Microsoft. The company who would like to see them go out of business and clean up. Ultimately, Novell don't have much of a long-term future.

Their making huge deals with large OEMs (you know, little companies like IBM+Lenovo, Dell, AMD) to make Linux on the desktop happen

They've been announcing these deal for years, and it has made no appreciable difference to them or Linux desktop usage. The Linux desktop is being made to happen mostly by individuals going out and doing it.

They've got more Linux engineers than ever


SLE adoption has greatly increased

Suse Linux servers being sold by Microsoft are being put into networks controlled by Windows 2003 domain controllers. There is no future there. It's ironic that Novell have had to turn to their biggest competitor to sell their own products, which just shows how utterly incompetent they are.

How could you possibly say they're "stupid" when pretty much nothing has turned out badly from the deal except some FUD that people have been spreading?

Have you seen the FUD that Microsoft and Steve Ballmer have been spreading as a result of this deal? I think someone quoted some in a previous comment.

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