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Novell and Ximian "Two months ago, the Brazilian Linux community gathered around BR-Linux invited Novell to answer 10 questions sent and selected by the users, about the company's stance on Linux, open source, licenses, document formats and other subjects." "Novell has been very consistent on this issue and we have publicly stated that we do not believe that Linux infringes on any Microsoft patents. That being said, our agreement with Microsoft takes the patent issue off the table for customers. We have simply made the patent issue a non-event as part of a customer buying decision."
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RE[5]: patents
by segedunum on Thu 27th Sep 2007 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: patents"
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Again, false by experience. Look how many customers Novell gained when they got it. When you've got billions of dollars (Wal-Mart, etc) then you're a big target. Having a _guarantee_ is a huge help.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but these companies now firmly believe that Microsoft protection money is necessary when Novell has admitted that it isn't necessary - firmly cementing the impression that Microsoft wants to give. Microsoft now have Novell firmly by the balls.

Those deals are firmly at the behest of Novell's biggest competitor - Microsoft.

If you weren't so bent on taking the customer patent protection negatively...

If you're a Novell customer and you get one of these letters through your door it doesn't reassure you at all. It just gives you the impression that Novell have been silly and Microsoft's patent protection is necessary. You then start to wonder what Novell are actually selling you.

That's what _some_ vocal "poisonous" people in the OSS community have been saying.

Hmmmm. So people who point out the obvious impression that this deal gives, namely that Linux and open source software infringes on Microsoft's property, these people are poisonous are they? Novell have admitted themselves that that isn't the case, but Microsoft have been going around saying it anyway. This deal has given Microsoft ample fuel for the fire they wanted to create - and Novell handed them some lovely firewood.

The reality is the direct opposite.

Yer, black is the new white.

If you think this is something new then _you_ are being exceptionally naive. MS have been spreading FUD about Linux for years; this is old news. Trying to bend the Novell-MS deal to be negative...

The fact of the matter is that this deal has helped Microsoft's FUD offensive on Linux and open source software immensely. Squirming and trying to tell us that Microsoft has been using FUD for years, so a little bit more won't hurt, is just exceptionally silly.

A payment is suddenly bad because it's one-off? It wasn't exactly a small payment either.

Yer I know. It kept them in the black ;-).

Novell have got _plenty_ in the way of interoperability with virtualisation and document formats.

So what have the got from Microsoft exactly? Improvements to Samba? Nope. Samba is continuing as it always has. Dedicated help in implementing OOXML and interoperability with Office? Nope. They're merely implementing what everyone else can. Is Xen the only virtualisation option that can run Windows? Nope, VMware has been doing that for years.

So where is this interoperability they keep telling us about?

I've never heard this, but even if it's the case, I'm interested in hearing why you think this could possibly be negative.

Errrr, because several times the server numbers of their nearest and most direct competitor are being sold along with them?

Adoption of Linux in a company is suddenly bad if they want to choose to keep using Windows servers as well? Come on guy. :-)

It is if as part of the deal that they're having to buy into several times the numbers of Windows servers as Linux ones.

Your post pretty much sums up the naivety and stupidity of Novell over the years.

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