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Hardware, Embedded Systems Gateway has unveiled its latest all-in-one desktop PC, dubbed simply the One. Sitting somewhere between an Apple iMac and Sony's Vaio LT series in terms of looks, the slimline 19in machine also sports a unique power-brick-cum-port-replicator.
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better than expected, but still...
by MrSidecar on Fri 28th Sep 2007 09:11 UTC
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I think the machine itself looks kinda ok, at least better than most other PCs. However, display size is a little out of proportion with the "chin", the huge black bar underneath the display. What worries me is the rather flimsy foot itīs standing on, the one liīl thingy attached to the rear, doesnīt look too trustworthy to me.

As a side note: Obviously design ended with the parts immediately visible on the desktop. But if Apple would give extra funcionality to their ac adaptors (usb, lan, etc) you can be sure they would not look like something crammed together in a rather generic box you can buy at your local electronic parts warehouse. And NO, not a fanboy, just observing...

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