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Hardware, Embedded Systems Gateway has unveiled its latest all-in-one desktop PC, dubbed simply the One. Sitting somewhere between an Apple iMac and Sony's Vaio LT series in terms of looks, the slimline 19in machine also sports a unique power-brick-cum-port-replicator.
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Not again...
by TemporalBeing on Fri 28th Sep 2007 13:44 UTC
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Shortly after when Gateway was at its peak - roughly in 1998/1999 - they released the Gateway Profile PC, which was essentially the same thing. Their Profile PC is in its 6th version (taken from the name - URL:

So they just started to get themselves going again and now their going to kill themselves again?!

So, no this is nothing new. They've had an All-in-One iMac clone/competitor since roughly 1998/1999. (BTW, if I remember correctly, the original Gateway Profile had an LCD.)

(BTW, if you look at Wikipedia, it doesn't start listing the Gateway Profile series until the Profile 4, which is listed as 2002. The list of Gateway products is incomplete.)

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