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Apple Apple Computer without VisiCalc would have been an entirely different company. VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet, was a major cause of the success of the Apple II, and attracted the attention of IBM to the microcomputer market. Read about VisiCalc at creator Dan Bricklin's site and a brief history at Braeburn.
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Visicalc Nostalgia
by DoctorPepper on Mon 5th Sep 2005 12:25 UTC
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I remember using Visicalc back in the "old days" of micro computers (I truly am showing my age here). Just for fun, I downloaded the Visicalc disk image (dmk) from Ira GoldKlang's TRS-80 website and ran it on Xtrs, my TRS-80 emulator. It was a pretty fun trip back in time for me, to a time when computers and software were much simpler.

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