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Amiga & AROS AmiKit 1.4.0 has been released. AmiKit is a free compilation of more than 300 Amiga programs. It runs under emulation on your Windows system (Linux install guide included). The new version has been graphically improved, is faster and supports dual core CPUs and Vista. For AmiKit to work, you do need Amiga ROMs and the AmigaOS, which can be obtained via AmigaForever, for instance.
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Something I never understood.....
by leech on Sat 29th Sep 2007 08:47 UTC
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Why is it that everyone always tries to make their Linux desktop look like a Macintosh when the Amiga desktop can look so much better?

Look at the icon sets that the Amiga has. MagicWB would just rock on a Gnome desktop, and it was made with a 16 color palette! The icons they have in the Amikit screenshots are just awesome.

Of course Amiga has always looked really great in my eyes. Probably one of the reasons I like Gnome / GTK so much, is that the themes remind me a lot of the way the old Amiga looked. I have tried to make my desktop more Amiga-like before, but never did get a response back from the author of MagicWB to see if I could convert the icons.

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