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General Development The LLVM Project recently released a new version of their compiler, optimizer and code generators. LLVM includes a drop-in GCC-compatible C/C++ and ObjC compiler, mature optimization technology (including cross file/whole program optimization), and a highly optimizing code generator. For people who enjoy hacking on compilers and runtimes, LLVM provides libraries for implementing custom optimizers and code generators including JIT compiler support. This release is the first to provide beta GCC 4.2 compatibility as well as the new "clang" C/ObjC front-end, which provides capabilities to build source-to-source translators and many other tools.
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An interesting project
by SReilly on Sun 30th Sep 2007 03:23 UTC
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I'm not a programmer, I never was any good at it, but this seems to me to be a very interesting and welcomed project, at the least considering it's license.

This bit is a tad OT, but I'd like to know what you programmers out there think about these next questions.

Are commercial compilers going the way of the dodo? It seems to me that any OS company that wishes to charge for they're compiler has some stiff competition on they're hands. Point in reference, see SCO with UnixWare and OpenServer.

As for proprietary solutions, i.e. free but closed source, are they on the way out? I know that MS has some fantastic solutions that are closed source but otherwise, anything else out there that is of interest?


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